Strong Roots Landscaping is the product of a decade's worth of experience and planning come to fruition.

 Strong Roots Landscaping is a high-quality hardscape company with a passion for excellent service and flawless installation. Strong Roots is a fresh company with seasoned professionals and an already fantastic reputation for quality. Our roots extend over 10 years of landscape and pool service success for a diverse clientele. Our team of landscape professionals continues to grow enthusiastic about the ever-evolving trade of landscape and design. Strong Roots has a network including Barrie’s largest pool builders and landscapers and has excelled as a reliable contracting option for high quality landscapes.  Our roots in pool and landscape industries continue to grow deeper. Take advantage of Strong Root’s first-hand service, high quality craftsmanship and thirst to succeed.





Phone: 705 309 1108

Barrie, Ontario. Canada.


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